Xen Radio Episode 6

Xen Radio

After a break of one week, XEN RADIO returned to the air with an eclectic mix of mostly “non-classical” tracks of microtonal music.

Featured Artist from : BipTunia


Tony Dubshot — Drink Milk
BipTunia — Prelude for the Ill-Tempered Clavier
Suart Mackenzie (Tolgahan Çoğulu, guitar) — Sleep Drifter
Aepiel — Aphis
The Mercury Tree — Tides of the Spine
Carter Scholz (John Schneider, guitar) — Almost Square
BipTunia — Fruit Cart Shuffle in Porcupine TET 22
Tolgahan Çoğulu & Sinan Cem Eroğlu — Yağmur
Stephen Weigel — Sixmacrotonal Etudes for Electonic Music Media, No. 5, 8 Notes: Grave
Kraig Grady — Raga Non – Tala
Horse Lords — Life Without Dead Time