Xen Radio Episode 55

Xen Radio

Broadcast October 17, 2020.

XEN RADIO is all vocal music this episode. The first part of the show features music from the Tuareg of the southern Sahara, Baka Pygmy music, canto e tenore, and traditional Georgian vocal trios. We also hear some female musicians, Parvathy Baul, Ellen Demos, and the 1947 Sweet Adelines International Champions, the Decaturettes; and finally, vocal music by Chicken and the Chick Flicks, Harry Partch, and Ben Johnston.

Featured Artist from : Goodbye to Candy


Kavkasia Trio — Shirakis Velze
Tuareg man (voice) and woman (imzhad) — Chikishikishin (Love Song With Imzhad)
Baka Pygmies — Music for the Nganga Dance
Tenores Di Bitti — Cantu a S’andira
Kavkasia Trio — Chkimi Toronji
The Decaturettes — Angry
Ellen Demos & Mike Nielsen — Rising
Parvathy Baul — Vrindavana Vilasini Rai Amader (Notre Radha est la joueuse de vrindavana)
Tuareg — Tarakemt (Love Song With Handclapping)
Baka Pygmies — Song for Gathering Mushrooms
Chicken & the Chick Flicks — Goodbye to Candy
Harry Partch (performed by John Schneider) — Barstow (1941)
Ben Johnston (performed by the Kepler Quartet & Ben Johnston) — Quietness