Xen Radio Episode 54

Xen Radio

Broadcast October 3, 2020.

Two big works formed most of this episode: “Just Constellations,” a new work by Michael Harrison and recorded by Roomful of Teeth, and 7 Papillons by Kaija Saariaho. Also this week are two lo-fi remixes by James Mulvale (also known as FAST-fast), and music from The Badakhshan Ensemble and Yuichi Onoue.

Featured Artist from : Impressions 3 - Lo-fi remix


James Mulvale — Impressions 3 – Lo-fi remix
Michael Harrison — Just Constellations
Yuichi Onoue — Soft Rime
Kaija Saariaho — 7 Papillons
The Badakhshan Ensemble — Khâlatro Banda (I’m a Slave of Your Mole)
James Mulvale — Impressions 2 – Lo-fi remix