Xen Radio Episode 53

Xen Radio

Broadcast September 26, 2020.

Opening and closing the show this week are tracks by the Baul singer and storyteller Parvathy Baul; joining her this week we hear the third and final movement of Juhani Nuorvala’s Kolma Impromptua for clarinet and kantele, one of Julián Carrillo’s Quasi-Sonatas in Quarter Tones, “Macaw,” an early track by Horse Lords, and the new single by Zhea Erose, “Sola.”

Featured Artist from : Sola


Parvathy Baul — Vhadoro Adharo Rati
Juhani Nuorvala — Kolme impromptua klarinetille ja kanteleelle: III
Julián Carrillo — Sonata 5 (from Six Quasi-Sonatas in Quarter Tones)
Zhea Erose — Sola
Horse Lords — Macaw
Parvathy Baul — Ache Syam Ange Rai Ango Helia