Xen Radio Episode 51

Xen Radio

Broadcast August 15, 2020.

This week’s show includes music from Elaine Walker’s recent release, “Trapazoid” — she’s been slowly dropping tracks for this album over the last year and it’s finally complete — and music by Juhani Nourvala, David Doty, Dollshot, Joe Bates, Glenn Branca, Biptunia, and Brendan Byrnes short-lived band, Ilevens. (For more information on Ilevens, check out the Xen Radio special edition from earlier this year, or listen to his appearance on the Now & Xen podcast.)

Featured Artist from : Elaine Walker / ZIA - Infinity


Glenn Branca — Structure
Juhani Nuorvala — Kolme impromptua klarinetille ja kanteleelle: I
Dollshot — Gimbal
Elaine Walker / ZIA — Infinity
Joe Bates — Flim Flam
Biptunia — Sumerian Microtonal Waltz
David B. Doty — Steel Suite
Ilevens — Zodexer