Xen Radio Episode 49

Xen Radio

Broadcast August 1, 2020.

Earlier this year we lost Renee Craig — an incredibly important person in the history of barbershop harmony singing. Not only was she a prolific, innovative, and influential arranger, Craig was the lead of the 1957 Sweet Adelines championship quartet, The Cracker Jills. This quartet was a tremendous influence on the shift in the barbershop quartet sound that was happening in the 1950s, moving from simple close harmony singing to rich and robust ringing chords precisely tuned to the harmonic series. In essence, barbershop singing wouldn’t be what it is today without her. This episode features two songs of theirs, along with another barbershop classic by Acoustix. Along with these are music by Gamelan Degung, Noah Jordan, Sascha Lino Lemke, David First, Carlo Serafini, Daniel Wilson (aka, Radionics Radio), and Ryoji Ikeda.

Featured Artist from : David First


Carlo Serafini — Ancient Krell Music 2
Sascha Lino Lemke — Pas de deux
Ryoji Ikeda — Headphonics 0_0, 0_1, and 1_0
Acoustix — I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over
Noah Jordan — ilu
David First — Tape Letter to Michigan
Gamelan Degung — Gara Gara Cinta
The Cracker Jills — Where the Blackeyed Susans Grow
The Cracker Jills — I’ll Be Seeing You
Radionics Radio — Herpes