Xen Radio Episode 48

Xen Radio

Broadcast July 18, 2020.

A show featuring music dropped this year (almost)! With the exception of Thomas Nicholson’s 2018 work, “GRAM” today’s show includes ambient and electronic music by Phillip Sollmann from his new album, “Monophonie,” Methods Body’s five-part work, “Quiet,” “Bridge Drum” from Brian Chase’s “Drums ‘n Drones III” album, and Erica Dal Bassa’s “Grave Clearing Ceremony.”

Featured Artist from : Methods Body


Phillip Sollmann — Micro
Methods Body — Quiet (parts 1-5)
Thomas Nicholson — GRAM
Brian Chase — Bridge Drum
Erica Dal Bassa, soprano sfogato — Grave Clearing Ceremony
Phillip Sollmann — Mono