Xen Radio Episode 45

Xen Radio

Today’s episode is (mostly) just intonation. The big part of the hour is Ben Johnston’s song cycle for guitar and voice, “The Tavern” performed and recorded by John Schneider. “The Tavern” was written late in Johnston’s life and is amazing ode to drunkenness. Also this week we have music by Wendy Carlos from her album “Beauty in the Beast,” Horse Lords, Gosheven, and Sardinian pastoral singing by Tenores Di Bitti.

Featured Artist from : Horse Lords


Wendy Carlos — Yusae-Aisae
Ben Johnston (performed by John Schneider) — The Tavern
Horse Lords — Intervention I
Horse Lords — Fanfare for Effective Freedom
Gosheven — Whisper the Valley Breeze
Gosheven — Waves of Innocence
Tenores Di Bitti — Cantu a Ballu Lestru