Xen Radio Episode 41

Xen Radio

Broadcast April 4, 2020

Today’s episode is dedicated to George Secor (1943–2020), an important theorist and pioneer of microtonal music. In addition to discovering “miracle temperament,” his name was give to “the secor,” a distance of pitch. This episode features two improvisations by him on the Motorola Scalatron along with joel taylor’s Piano Sonata, which is tuned using one of Secor’s tuning systems. They are joined by music from Pulse Emitter, Mercury Tree and the Cryptic Ruse, Ellen Demos and Mike Neilson, Benton Roark. Yedil Khusainov, and Ryoji Ikeda.

Featured Artist from : joel taylor


Ellen Demos & Mike Nielsen — Are You Ready Keep Steady
Pulse Emitter — In a Cabin
Ryoji Ikeda — data.syntax
Pulse Emitter — Renaissance
Benton Roark — Asterion
The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse — The Cold Flame Burns
Yedil Khusainov — 3 Different Moods
joel taylor — Piano Sonata in Secor’s 1/7 Comma Well-Temperament
George Secor — Improvisation
George Secor — Improvisation in 31-EDO
Ellen Demos & Mike Nielsen — Reverie