Xen Radio Episode 40 – One Year!

Xen Radio

Broadcast March 28, 2020

In celebration of Xen Radio’s first year, today’s episode features artists and tracks that we broadcast on our first episode back on March 12, 2019. Most importantly is Horse Lords, who released a new album in the past couple weeks called “Common Task”—we listened to two tracks from that album today. Joining Horse Lords is music by Ben Johnston, Easley Blackwood, Zhea Erose, and Neil Haverstick. Cheers to getting one year under the belt, and cheers to many more to come!

Featured Artist from : Horse Lords


Horse Lords — The Radiant City
Zhea Erose — Novemdeca
Ben Johnston — String Quartet No. 8
Easley Blackwood — Suite for Microtonal Guitar, Op. 33
Neil Haverstick — Boogie at Be Bop Flats
Horse Lords — Against Gravity