Xen Radio Episode 4

Xen Radio

This week’s Xen Radio program was dedicated to microtonal piano music. It featured a few generations of piano music, ranging from the early quarter tone music of Ives and Wyschnegradsky to Kyle Gann’s 2011 work, “Echoes of Nothing.”

Featured Artist from : Aaron K. Johnson


Terry Riley — The Harp of New Albion: V. Premonition Rag
Charles Ives (Cheryl Seltzer & Joel Sachs, pianos) — Three Quarter Tone Pieces
Kyle Gann (Aron Kallay, piano) — Echos of Nothing
Aaron K. Johnson (Aron Kallay, piano) — Ostinato Quasi Octatonica
Ivan Wyschnegradsky (Josef Christof & Steffen Schleiermacher, pianos) — Preludes in Quarter Tone System, Nos. 1 & 14
Ben Johnston (Robert Miller, piano) — Sonata Microtonal Piano
Terry Riley — The Harp of New Albion: IV. Cadence On the Wind