Xen Radio Episode 38

Xen Radio

Most exciting this week is three new tracks by Elaine Walker / ZIA from her new EP, “Trapezoid.” These tracks have a wonderful disco feel that untie the dance groove with microtonal sensibility. Her music is complimented this week by Brendan Byrnes (a regular on XEN RADIO), Wendy Carlos’ “Poem for Bali” from the immensely important “Beauty in the Beast” album, the Classical Arabic Orchestra of Aleppo, and two songs by Dealer’s Choice, the 1973 men’s barbershop quartet champions.

Featured Artist from : Elaine Walker / ZIA


Classical Arabic Orchestra of Aleppo — Samai Housseini (Maqam Housseini)
Brendan Byrnes — Llurion
Wendy Carlos — Poem for Bali
Elaine Walker / ZIA — Mobius
Elaine Walker — Trapezoid
Elaine Walker / ZIA — Magic Rectangle
Dealer’s Choice — At The Jazz Band Ball
Dealer’s Choice — Brother Can You Spare a Dime
Brendan Byrnes — Electric Seven