Xen Radio Episode 37

Xen Radio

This week is mostly a mix of classical — Charles Ives, Ivan Wyschnegradsky, and Dante Rosati — and electronic — Danny Playamaqui, Carlo Serefini, the Word Man, and Chris Vaisvil. However, there are a couple outliers that don’t easily fit any description: Syzygys (microtonal duo from Japan) and Mark Fletcher’s “Music of Gamelan”, performed by Gamelan Padhang Moncar.

Featured Artist from : The Word Man


Syzygys — Gyoji
Ivan Wyschnegradsky — Méditation sur deux thèmes de La Journée de l’Existence pour violoncelle et piano demi-ton, Op. 7 (1918/1976)
Danny Playamaqui — Jars
Danny Playamaqui — Lemon Peel
Dante Rosati — Statue of Alice
Carlo Serafini — Ancient Krell Music 1
The Word Man — Broken Sheets
Carlo Serafini — Ancient Krell Music 5
Mark Fletcher — Music of Gamelan
Charles Ives — Three Page Sonata
Chris Vaisvil — In A major 7 limit JI with C natural as Tonic