Xen Radio Episode 35 – Stephen Weigel, part 2

Xen Radio

Week 2 of 2 with Stephen Weigel, microtonal composers and co-host of the podcast Now & Xen. This week we listened to gamelan, jazz, piano music, and electronic music. We also discussed his new project, “top secret” (which is what we’re calling it for now, but the name includes thousands of emojis). Many thanks to Stephen for joining XEN RADIO these last two weeks.

Featured Artist from : Stephen Weigel


Stephen Weigel — 4_4L 4s_40-EDO
David Fiuczynski — Loon-Y Tunes
Christopher Bailey — Dancing Sylvan Denizens
Joseph Post — US Gold (2010)
Padhang Moncar — Lelagon Prau Layar Pelog Nem
Sevish — Longwayaway People
Stephen Weigel — edharmonic 5% flat starting on 120_181_197Hz
Stephen Weigel — πed(5ede)