Xen Radio Episode 33

Xen Radio

Broadcast January 11, 2020

This week’s episode is bookmarked by two tracks by Adam Neely, “Chill 24” and “Chill 10”, these were recent dropped onto bandcamp and are two lo-fi jams in 24-EDO. Joining him this week is Jeffrey Holmes “5 Microtonal Studies” for guitar, music by Noah Jordan (a regular on Xen Radio), selections from Toby Twining’s “Chyrsalid Requiem” and “Impromtus No. 1” by Naaji.

Featured Artist from : Adam Neely "chill 24"


Adam Neely — chill 24
Jeffrey Holmes — 5 Microtonal Studies
Noah Jordan — King Fear
Noah Jordan — Machine Edit
Toby Twining — Chyrsalid Requiem: Introit & Antiphon
Naarji — Impromtus no. 1
Adam Neely — chill 10