XEN RADIO Episode 32

Xen Radio

Broadcast January 4, 2020

Happy new year! The first show of 2020 features music by Elaine Walker (aka, Zia), Mileece, John Starrett, and the Zumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group, along with a new track by Egil Kalman & Fredrik Rasten. In other news, XEN RADIO can now be found on Twitter! Follow the show there if you have Twitter and do that sort of thing.

Featured Artist from : Droplets in Air


John Starrett — Grumpcore
Egil Kalman & Fredrik Rasten — Droplets in Air
Mileece — Aube
Zumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group — Chidori
Elaine Walker / Zia — The Beginning (17edo instrumental)