Xen Radio Episode 31

Xen Radio

Broadcast December 28, 2019

As the final episode of the year, XEN RADIO Episode 31 is only music that was released in 2019. However, please note this isn’t a “best of” list, nor is it a showcase of the definitive xenharmonic/microtonal music of the year; rather, it’s simply a group of great tracks that all came out this year.

Featured Artist from : Harry Partch — Barstow (1941)


Mercury Tree — I Am A Husk
Claarmont — Persian Glances
John Schneider — Tombo por Lou
Frank Rothkamm — quarter fiesta 1 opus 827.03 3:28 (2019)
Harry Partch — Barstow (1941 version)
Brendan Byrnes — Life After
Sevish — Unreality