Xen Radio Episode 29

Xen Radio

Broadcast December 14, 2019

Returning to the air after missing a couple weeks (due to Thanksgiving and then sleeping through my alarm) this week’s episode featured rock, punk, electronic music, and some of the more “mainstream classical” microtonality.

Featured Artist from : Stephen Weigel: Grazioso (from Six Marcotonal Etudes)


Stephen Weigel — Grazioso (from Six Marcotonal Etudes)
Alois Haba — Fantazy for Nonet in Seven-note System No. 2, Op. 41
Wendy Carlos — C’est Afrique
Bill Alves — Rational Basis
jock tears — Boys with Bruises
Christopher Fox — BLANK
City of the Asleep — Slanting the Luck Plane