Xen Radio Episode 27

Xen Radio

Broadcast November 16, 2019

XEN RADIO is back! I took a few week off to get married and then visit St. Lucia, but now I’m back, and at a new time: 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 UTC. Episode 27 was a “classic” episode with a mix of tracks from the Western classical tradition and some rock/ambient tracks. Most exciting this week is “Syzygy,” a string quartet by Charles Corey, which was newly recorded and released on Navona Records’ “Figments Vol. 2.”

Featured Artist from : Brendan Byrnes


James Mulvale — Headcase
Ivan Wyschnegradsky — Étude sur le ‘Carré Magique Sonore’, Op. 40
Charles Corey — Syzygy
Gosheven — Out of this World
Larry Polansky — Freehorn
Brendan Byrnes — Far Out