Xen Radio Episode 26

Xen Radio

Broadcast October 22, 2019

The October 22 episode of XEN RADIO featured “non-classical” music by Jack Tickner, Chicken & the Chick Flicks, and Elaine Walker (aka, Zia), but the episode was anchored by two recordings by the Los Angeles band, PARTCH. The first work is their Grammy-winning recording of Harry Partch’s “Castor & Pollux,” and the second was their collaboration with PRISM Quartet on Ken Ueno’s new work for Partch instruments and saxophone quartet, “Future Lilacs.”

And for some news: XEN RADIO will be moving to a new day. Starting November 16, the program will be live at 13:00 UTC on Saturdays. We are still on KPISS, but we are changing days of the week. In the meantime, I am taking a break for a few weeks, and the next program will be Saturday November 16.

Featured Artist from : Elaine Walker


Chicken & the Chick Flicks — Going Home
Harry Partch (performed by PARTCH) — Castor & Pollux: A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini
Jack Tickner — Ode to Dogs
Elaine Walker / Zia — Golden
Ken Ueno (performed by PRISM Quartet & PARTCH) — Future Lilacs
Chicken & the Chick Flicks — Too Bad About the Sun