Xen Radio Episode 25: Vocal Traditions

Xen Radio

Broadcast October 15, 2019

This week’s show explores different vocal music from around the world. Some of this deliberately explores microtonality, but much of this comes from a place of simply going for what sounds good and right. In addition to some tracks from the European/Western tradition, we hear music from Australia, Indonesia, India, Tuvu, and Cameroon.

Featured Artist from : Joan La Barbara


Australian Aboriginal Singers — Traditional Aboriginal singing in Numbulwar
Mergen Mongush — Sigit “Alash”
Aruna Sairam — Raga surati: Padam Kontegadu
Tenores Di Bitti — Cantu a Ballu Seriu
Nicola Vincentino (preformed by Exaudi) — Madonna, il poco dolce
Joan La Barbara — Shadow Song
Joan La Barbara — Erin
Jeffrey Gavett (performed by loadbang) — Musicorum et cantorum
Vocal Spectrum — Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair
Anatolii Kuular — Sigit (With Igil, a Bowed Instrument)
Baka Pygmies — Lullaby
Singers of Kp — Gogo Rego