Xen Radio, Episode 10

Xen Radio

Broadcast May 28, 2019.


Veli Kujala — Hyperchromatic Counterpoint: Ia. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Bulgarian Infinity Series
Brendan Byrnes — Cave Dance
Ivan Wyschnegradsky — Preludes in Quarter-Tone System: XXIV 
Harry Partch — Dark Brother
Brendan Byrnes — Geometric Shapes
Acreil — Coccyx
Andrew McIntosh — Symmetry Etudes – Etude VI 
Dean Drummond — Before the Last Laugh 
Bad Canada — Lovely
Brendan Byrnes — Blurry Vision
Ben Johnston — String Quartet No. 1, “Nine Variations”: Variation I. Clear and Concentrated