Witch Rock

Rock Candy

Conjuring up some wicked songs and spells.  We hear some readings from Gavin & Yvonne Frost’s book The Magic Power of Witchcraft and take part in a Satanic Mass.  Grab your casting stones, crystal balls, and wands.  Hail Satan!

Featured Artist from : Ruby the Hatchet


  1. Rainbow – Tarot Woman
  2. Donovan – Season of the Witch
  3. The Wickerman Soundtrack – Willow’s Song
  4. October Country – My Girlfriend is a Witch
  5. The Sonics – The Witch
  6. The Moving Sidewalks – Crimson Witch
  7. W.I.T.C.H. – Lazy Bones
  8. Ruby the Hatchet – Killer
  9. Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark
  10. Fleetwood Mac – Sisters of the Moon
  11. Judy Collins – Both Sides Now
  12. Coven – Satanic Mass