Whimsical Touch

Bad Conditions

Brett signs a contract for the kpiss prom agreeing not to drive in the event that he drinks. He does drink, and comes to believe that people like him better while drunk.


Os Negros De Sinha – Meu Amor

Carol Cool – Upside Down

El Super Trio – Por Que?

Nuova Napoli – Parev’ Ajere

Hotline – Fellas Doing it in Lagos

Al Etto – You’ve Got the Love

Tirogo – We Like to Party

M.C. Miker “G” and DeeJay Sven – Whimsical Touch

Cynthia Bhikharie – Aadja Mere Sanwaria

Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary

Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives

Algo Nuevo – Guajira 2001

Danielito – Mi Guitarra

ESG – Erase you

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

Buck Owens – Gonna Have Love

Cozy Cole – Turvy I