Wet Jazz Transmission 8

Wet Jazz

Groovy and sexy songs for a hot night, by women artists from all around the world.


Cambodia, Kim Wilde 1981

Primitive Love, Shakespears Sister 1989

Camino DeSolado, Maria Usbeck 2016

Solita Por El Mundo, Cathy Claret 2015

Earthbeat, The Slits 1981

Bolerio, Yehudit Ravitz 1983

Tinh Ta Nhur Lura Dom Hoa, Carol Kim (unknown release date)

I Hear You, Wilson Phillips 1992 (intermission music)

Rock Bottom Riser, Gudrun Gut 2007

Sugar Water, Cibo Matto 1996

I Want To Fly, Ofra Haza 1984

Mae Kah Som Tom, Onuma Singsiri (unknown release date)

Mma Ama Mbo, Mary Affi Usuah (unknown release date)

Same Thing Twice, Vivien Goldman 1982

What Will Tomorrow Bring, Wendy Rene 1964

Come Live With Me, Dorothy Ashby (intermission music)

Only One, Joan Armatrading 1981


Cover Image by Frida Kahlo, ‘Self Portrait with Bonito’ 1941