Wet Jazz Transmission 26

Wet Jazz

Beautiful and bonkin’ tunes by women from all around the world, with a heavy dose of forgotten 80’s gems mixed in.


Dopplegänger, Sally Dige 2015

Another Land, Medio Mutante 2015

Kokoro, Fatoumata Diawara 2018

I’m On Top, Otha 2018

Space Time Motion, Jennifer Vanilla 2019

Come Closer, Renee 1983

Heart Over Head, Saada Bonaire 1982

Black Silk Stocking, Krisma 1977

Bullshit, Grace Jones 1980

Dog, Thick Pigeon 1991

Emigkredes Tis Roumanias, Lena Platonos 1985

The Advertising Song, Suzanne Menzel 1981

Hey, Where You Goin’? Monica Rypma 1981

Love, Thy Will Be Done, Martika 1991


Cover Image is “Avatar” by Dorothea Tanning, 1947