Wet Jazz Transmission 25

Wet Jazz

Music by Turkish women throughout time, as well as incredible songs from Brazil, Japan, Denmark, England and beyond.


In the Morning, Jeanette 1984

Inky Bloaters, Danielle Dax 1987

Gecko, The Creatures 1983

Dengue, Zezé Motta 1978

Hal Hal, Nazan Soray 1980

Leyla, Altin Gün 2019

Ayrilik Olsa Bile, Esmeray (date unknown)

78 Yilinn En Uzun Dakikasi, Anadol 2019

Broken Kaleidescope, Coppe’ 2012

Gladly, Tirzah 2018

Te Venero, Rosalio 2017

Ne Pleure Pas, Tulay German (date unknown)

Burning Eyes, Gloria Anne Taylor (date unknown)

Make Love to Me in the Dark, Sonya Spence 1976

Milk and Honey, Bonnie Dobson 1970

The Scorpion Lament, The Roches 1982

Go To Sleep, Renee 1982


Cover image is by Turkish Painter Nes’e Erdok, date unknown