Wet Jazz Transmission 23

Wet Jazz

Music by cutting edge women from all around the world.


Karanga Mai (Welcoming Chant), Turakina Maori Girls Choir

Jennifer, The Eurythmics 1983

Walk in the Fire, Suse Milleman 1991

Sky Diver, Poly Styrene 1980

Sad Nudes, Cate Le Bon 2019

Smoke Machine, Pilocka Krach 2018

This Be The Verse, Anne Clark 1987

Get Closer, Valerie Dore 1986

Evolution, Kelly Lee Owens 2017

Wanna Kiss, Hitomi Tohyama (1982 ?)

Kongshey, Tenzin Dolma, 2015

Wishing On a Star, Annie Haslam 1989

Iron Veil, Eiko Ishibashi 2018

The Dancer, Linda Perhacs 2017

In Your Eyes, Joan Armatrading 1995


Cover Image is “Object (Luncheon in Fur)” by Meret Oppenheim 1936