Wet Jazz Transmission 2

Wet Jazz

Obscure, enigmatic and experimental female musicians from Italy, Hungary, Estonia, India, England, Jamaica, Canada and beyond.


(Image “Papilla Estelar”, Remedios Varo)


1) Our Darkness, Anne Clark
2) Cyaniris, Lena Platonos
3) You Could Be More As You Are, Saada Bonaire
4) No Ones Little Girl, The Raincoats
5) I Dig Love, Asha Punthli
6) Ani-Kuni, Madeliene Chartrand
7) Love Me Tonight, Fern Kinney
8) I Experienced Love, Virna Lindt
9) Love Power, Annett Brisset
10) Andras, Marta Sebestyen
11) Kaes On Aeg, Velly Joonas
12) Itso Wonder, Luna and the Black Connection