Wet Jazz Transmission 16

Wet Jazz

Gorgeous music by women from Germany, Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria and beyond


Take Me Coco, Zap Mama 1991

Zoo Lake, Dorothy Masuka

A Hora e Essa, Celia, 1972

Suit of Armor, Danika Smith, 2019

Cosmic Dancer, Valerie June, 2019

Me Her, Christine Bougie, 2019

Took a Long Time, Carla Del Forno, 2019

Trees and Flowers, Strawberry Switchblade, 1982

Home to You, Cate Le Bon, 2019

Amebo, Lijadu Sisters, 1976

Fearfully in Danger, Nico, 1985

Yang Yang, Anika, 2010

Party Girl, Michelle Gurevich, 2007

The End, Sibylle Baier, 1970’s


Cover Image by Marie Laurencin, “Les Biches”, 1924