Wet Jazz Transmission 15

Wet Jazz

Groovy tunes by women from all around the world


Tracy Huang, 1984
Work, Charlotte Day Wilson, 2016
Come Meh Way, Sudan Archives, 2017
Mirrors of Love, Dana Gillespie, 2007
She Has To Be Loved, Jenny Morris, 1989
I’m Lucky, Joan Armatrading, 1981
Miziki, Dobet Grahore, 2018
You’ve Got A Woman, Lion, 1975
Caje Sukarije, Esma Redzepopa, 1970
Maya, Susheela Raman, 2001
Afro Blue, Melanie De Biasio, 2017
Remember The Rain, Kadjha Bonet, 2015
You Don’t Own Me, Lesley Gore, 1963
Guess You Had To Be There, Janis Ian, 1993
Tsai Chin, 1983


Cover Image by Jacqueline Marval 1901