Wet Jazz Transmission 13

Wet Jazz

Mystical and emotional music from powerful female artists


We Are The Flow, Lindie Lila 2008

Come Softly to Me, The Roches, 1985

The Warm Shoulder, Mary Lattimore 2017

The Donor, Judee Sill, 1973

One Night, Joan Armatrading 1985

Esperando Al Amor, Angela Bofill 1981

Ancora Tu, Roisin Murphy 2014

Woman is a Word, Empress Of 2016

I’m Kin, Colleen 2015

Na Ivanjsko Navecerje, Lidija Bajuk, 1999

Sunflower, Kate and Ann McGaraigle  2003

Please Set Me at Ease, Bobbi Humphrey 1975

Hit or Miss, Odetta 1970


Cover image by Hannah Hoch, Untitled, 1930