Wet Jazz Transmission 10

Wet Jazz

Music by trailblazing women artists from all around the world.


TV Lovers, Hermine 1981

Lay Lady Lay, Malaria! 1992

Deep into the Earth, Jana Runnalls 2004

I see Red, Frida 1982

Angel of the Morning, Joya Landis 1968

Bang Bang, Betty Chung 1968

Forbidden Games, Miriam Makeba 1973

Agua de Beber, Quarteto Em Cy, 1966

In Danger Tonight, Dana Gillespie 1985

Bloody Shadows from Afar, Lena Platonos 1985

Evening Colours, Laurence Vanay 1975

Night Paradise, Colored Music unknown recording date

Aao Naa, Nazia Hassan 1980

Newer/ More, Takako Minekawa 1996

I Might be Crying, Sandra De Sá 1996

Mamy Blue, Nicoletta 1971


Cover Image: D’un jour à l’autre II (1938), Leonor Fini.