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A note to the reader/listener: All Passionate Kisses erotica is written on the spot by me, Kelly P. Kisses, and while it’s usually very “not good” and riddled with grammatical/tense issues, I think it’s generally pretty hot, funny, or both.

Steps to Refinish me, a painted porch, all night long please I need it

Part one:

  1. Step one. My paint is so chipped and all roughed up from all of my years professing as a porch. You can see all my layers, you can see allllll the the way down to my concrete. Layers and layers—have been peeling back for decades, exposing me at my most vulnerable—I’ve loved being naked in this way, letting everyone see me. But no one has seen ALL of me. This is going to change all of that. it’s time for a new coat, for a new look. I’m ready to expose myself.
  2. Step two. So we’ve covered the facts: I’m a painted porch and I’m ready to get stripped. I need to be absolutely covered with a thick sloppy coating of a huge glove of enzymatic lubricant before I’m stripped. You’ll slather it all over me and make me wait. And I’ll do it, patiently. For you. Because I want you see me fully bare. I want you to easily peel all my layers off of me—I want to make it easy for you. So I wait—I’ll be so good and I wait for you to powerwash me. Once you do, I’ll so ready
  3. You walk up to me, power washer in hand, grinning wide. I can tell that you can see that my layers beginning to peel already. You can tell how easy it’s going to be easy to strip my layers. You steady yourself, holding yourself balanced between your forefoot and your bacukfoot. You do two test blows onto the sidewalk, and they excite me immediately. The enzymes covering me are begging for relief. You blast me hard with so much force, effortlessly, and you love it. I love it… we love it. I’m having the time of my life and can feel my blues, my greens, my maroons all escape the crags and snags of my concrete bottom. Soon, I’m completely vulnerable, absolutely exposed. My concrete base glistens in the sunlight, I smile with my full heart and ours beat in tandem as you release the lever.
  4. Next you have to prime me in order to Dress me in paint again— i wonder what color you’ve chosen for me. What color will cover me from so many lusty eyes and jealous gazes from your neighbors. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s sexy naked concrete porch” as the old adage goes. You lean down close as you begin with the first coat of primer—“sh sh sh, sweetie—I know you’re so cold right now, let me take care of you. Let me do you right”. I feel the first thick, wet covering of primer sink into my many holes as I let you take care of me. I know this coat is going to take such good care of me , too, because you’re doing such a good, careful, loving job. It’s because you want me to feel secure in my paint job, and I will never forget this, I will look forward to many years of you and your wife sitting on me atop the patterned porch glider, gazing lazily onto the front lawn, fireflies milling around, as you talk about how you need to cut the lawn.

Featured Artist from : Lonely Boy - Becca Mancari


~~~*(spotify playlist)*~~~

Apollo Throwdown – The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown (Remixes)
101 FM – Little Simz – 101 FM
Holding On – Tirzah – Devotion
Love All Night (Work All Day) – Yola – Walk Through Fire (Deluxe Edition)
San Pedro – Kilo Kish – mothe
Weary – Solange – A Seat at the Table
Not The Time – SASAMI – Not The Time / Callous
Water Me Down – Vagabon – Vagabon
Lady Bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug) – 12 Version – Bumblebee Unlimited – The M&M Mixes
Dark & Handsome – Blood Orange, Toro y Moi – Angel’s Pulse
Stay High – Brittany Howard – Jaime
Lonely Boy – Becca Mancari – Lonely Boy
Cookout – Serena Isioma – Sensitive
Garden Song – Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher
Your Girl – Basia Bulat – Your Girl
Love Is a Hurtin’ Thing – 12″ Version – Gloria Ann Taylor – Love is a Hurtin’ Thing
Cut Me – Moses Sumney – Cut Me
Les Fleur – Minnie Riperton – The Best of Minnie Ripperton
Nont For Sale – Sudan Archives – Sink
circle the drain – Soccer Mommy – color theory
My City – Better Oblivion Community Center, Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst – Better Oblivion Community Center
Untitled God Song – Haley Heynderickx – I Need to Start a Garden
Woo! – Remi Wolf – I’m Allergic To Dogs!
Comme Áa – Domenique Domunt – Nightingale Floor
Paradise – Chase Ceglie – Onion
Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) – Irma Thomas – Straight From The Soul
Moon River – Frank Ocean – Moon River