Weird Music for Hard Times — Episode 22

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

Enforced Reincarnation Hour dedicated to artists from countries targeted by the US immigration ban and some tracks off of ACLU benefit compiliations. Also, Napalm Death covering “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”.

Special thanks to Le Drone Magazine’s list of artists from targeted countries and to Bandcamp for donating proceeds from February 3 purchases to the ACLU.

Hard times call for weird music. Listen live every Thursday at 11pm only on


1 After The Quake by Idlefon
2 Shadowdance by Sufyvn
3 Deep Space – 9mm by El-P
4 aholaghin ere yaglan by chaco
5 Plato’s Fucked Up Cave by Marnie Stern
6 Krasikrêshe by Wirephobia
7 Exciters by Sote
8 The First Conspiracy (Drum Solo) / Let Freedom Ring by The International Noise Conspiracy / Martin Luther King Jr.
9 One Day We’ll Look Back and Laugh… by Glitchfield Plaines
10 ~ by ❖
11 Passages by Bezier
12 Lajevard Excerpt 2 by Spectro Duo
13 میراث by Akvan
14 Sons of Past’s Decay by Theoria
15 Hello to the residents of far skies (Persian) by Golden Record
16 Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Wacken 2009 live) by Napalm Death