Under Your Wheels

Bad Conditions

Brett discovers that as Gus’s best man for the wedding he is supposed to throw him a bachelor party. Sheri is dead set against bachelor parties but since Brett is planning it, she allows it anyways. But things get quickly out of hand when Lester arrives with some unexpected party favors.


Bossman – Smoke Herring Soul Funeral
The Marvelettes – My Baby Must Be a Magician
Walter Jackson – Speak Her Name
The Notations – I Can’t Stop
Isabel Y Coros – Cumbia Del Caribe
Pino Di Modugno – Delicado
Empulse – Anytime
Toby Munoz Y Su Conjunto – La Cantaleta
Pinkies – Porto Rico
Oluko Imo – Praise-Jah
Afro Funk – Try + Try
Los Beta Quartet – El Porompero
Bobby Bland – I’ll Take Care of You
The Flares – Foot Stomping
Todd Andrews – Ship to Outter Space
Was Not Was – Wheel Me Out
Yello – I Love You
Freddie Mercury – Love Kills
Cristina – Drive My Car
Flash Strato – Bajo Tus Ruedas
Shox – Lying Here
Ink and Soul – Girl on the Street
Le Slow – A Moral Tale