Two Skulls, One Skin — Episode 10

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

The tenth episode of The Enforced Reincarnation Hour. Broadcast and recorded live from the studio in Brooklyn, NY at midnight, 31 October 2016.

Broadcasting live every Thursday at 11pm on

Featuring the music of Martin R. and field recordings by Jani Hirvonen.


1 Beware by Death Grips
2 Baby P. by Metalux
3 Silence and Information by Sound of Static/DJ Vox
4 Of Lillies & Remains by Bauhaus
5 Bells in a Temple by Jani Hirvonen/DJ
6 Grul by Ingrid Schmoliner
7 Fall of the Beast by Martin R.
8 Burning Season by Servile Sect
9 The Moon Growing Colder by Sargeist
10 Cut Their Grain And Place Fire Therein by Weakling
11 Elsie Mary by Problems that Fix Themselves
12 Lynch the Swan by Dub Narcotic Sound System
13 Outro and Well Wishes/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
DJ/Lounge Band