the whispering show


whisper this to yourself, no less than 20 times a day “every day in every way I get better and better”.


I only played the original 7-inch single for all of these tracks.

1. THIS MORTAL COIL, You and Your Sister, 1991, 4AD, TMC is the supergroup created by 4AD label owner Ivo-Watts Russell. This lovely song is performed by, Tanya Donelly of Belly & Kim Deal from the Pixies. Together they are The Breeders Its a 90’s gem. Get all 3 TMC records; they are all amazing.

2. FELT, Trails of Color Dissolve, 1982, Cherry Red, This is perhaps my favorite band. Ten albums and ten singles in 10 years. If you don’t know Felt, I am envious of the excitement you will have in discovering more.

3. VICE VERSA, Stilyagi, 1980, Backstreet Backlash Records, Lead singer of Vice Versa Martin Fry became the lead singer of the Pop band ABC.

4. FIVE or SIX, Another Reason, 1981, Cherry Red, Considered the band on Cherry Red with the most potential at the time, they are now largely forgotten.

5. NEW SHINY THINGS, Changing Colors, 1982, Blotto Records, A rare track from a band that amazingly only released this single. A Gem!

6. THE SPACE LADY, Major Tom, 2013, Night School, a Fun cover of a great song, listen to TSL album of hits. You won’t regret it.

7. ANIKA, No ones there, 2011, Stone’s Throw records, Conspiracy theory is Anika’s middle name.

8.TRENTEMOLLER, Candy Tongue, 2013, In My Room, From the album Lost. This record is a must have, if you don’t have it. GO, GET LOST!

9. 18+, Dry, 2015, Houndstooth Records, A great sublime track and yes I know it’s TRAP. It’s a TRAP!

10. THE KNIFE, You take my breath away, 2003, Rabid Records, The song holds up and so does the album, Deep Cuts.

11. XENO & OAKLANDER, The Sets the lights, 2011, Wierd Records, This song is fantastic. These guys are phenomenal live.

12. DORIC, The Suspect, 2013, Doric Records, Great Darkwave track.

13. JOHN FOXX, My Face, 1980, Smash His Magazine, I played the original yellow Flexi you would have been able to find in the magazine.

14. BIZARRE UNIT, Dancing, 1981, MRS, Super rare single. It will grow on you like FUNgus.

15. THE HIGHER PRIMATES, Taking in the Summer, 1980, Tekno Tunes, This song won a talent show in a Wisconsin high school and recorded shortly after.

16. SILENT CIRCLE, Touch in the night, 1985, Eddie Barclay, Italo is fun.