I have never grown out of the infantile belief that the universe was made for me to suck.  

– Aleister Crowley


  • MALORY, wake up, 2002, UK, Emma’s House Recordings, A dreamy little shoegaze track that reminds me of C Twins and all the 90’s ambient stuff that was out there.  7


  • THIS MORTAL COIL, Kangaroo, 1984, UK, 4AD, Superband TMC created this gem covering BIG STAR. Ivo was a genius when he had Gordon Sharp from Cindy Talk. The vocals are absolute magick. 7


  • CAN’T, Ghosts, 2009, US, Terrible Records, The B-side of the Arthur Russell single Come to Life. 7


  • KAREN MARKS, Cold Café, 1981, (2019), Efficient Space, this is the demo version of this legendary track by Karen Marks. 12 EP


  • MOBY, Temptation, 2005, UK, Mute, Yes, that MOBY, covering that NEW ORDER track, acoustic with Laura Dawn single vocals.  12 LP


  • THE ELECTRONIC CIRCUS, Direct Lines, 1981, UK, Scratch Records, A rare track from Chris Payne’s solo band; this is their only release. This was re-issued in 2017.  7


  • DIP IN THE POOL, Hasu no Enishi, 1985, Japan, Moon Records, If you know me, you know I love fun yet dark tracks such as this. Japanese makes it a bonus. 12 EP


  • KURUKI, Just a Cat, 1983, Belgium, Vogue Vogue, These guys gave us Crocodile Tears and this fun song. Thank you Kuruki! 7


  • CESI N’EST PAS, The Stranger, 2015, The Netherlands, Electronic Emergencies, This song is amazing and the only release by this talented trio. PLEASE release another track! 7


  • D’ARC, The Letter, 1982, France, Avon, Another lovely romantic minimal synth track. 7


  • DEPECHE MODE, Shake the Disease, 1985, UK, Mute, Martin Gore’s opening vocals are iconic in this, one of DM’s best. 7


  • THE DANSE SOCIETY, 2000 Light Years from home, 1984, UK, Society Records, A brilliant cover of the sci fi psych stones track. 7


  • CANDY FLIP, Strawberry Fields, 1989, UK, Debut Eagle Records, When this came out it created quite a stir as it was a great mix of classic rock and new drug culture Indie.  7


  • BILLY IDOL, Eyes without a face, UK, 1984, Chrysalis, This is a Japanese single with absolutely the best cover and pic of Billy.  Christ this song is good! 7


  • ROBERTO SANDRINI, Ochi Su di me, Italy, 1984, Nunk Records, This cover of Billy Idols “Eyes without a face” is maybe the best ITALO cover of a pop hit. 7


  • SEBASTIAN GANDERA, And then the wind, 2017, Australian, Efficient Space, Up there with Carla Dal Forno, cutting edge ambient genius from Australia, 12 LP