The light that will cease to fail…


this one goes down like Peggy Lipton sun tea, sweet and neat and hard to beat.


  • JOSEF K, The Missionary, 1982, Les Disques Du Crepuscule, Notably one of the original bands on the short-lived but now iconic Post Card records label.  This was their farewell single. 7


  • STEREO LAB, The light that will cease to fail, 1992, Big Money Inc. From Super-Electric all the way through Wow and Flutter, I dare say there isn’t a bad SL song. I love this band. 7


  • SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS, Imagination, 1981, Last Movement, This is the first single from this English shoe-gazey post-punky band. 7


  • EVEN AS WE SPEAK, Bizarre Love Triangle, 1990, Sarah Records, This is Sarah 37, Collect them all. 7


  • REM, Femme Fatale, 1986, The Bob Magazine, Didn’t see this one coming? I honestly didn’t either. This was a deep dig find, and it’s on Flexi making it extra special in my eyes. 7 Flexi


  • CICCONE YOUTH, Into The Groovy, 1986, New Alliance Records, Mike Watt of Firehose and Minutemen joins Sonic Youth and decide, let’s cover, Madonna. Awesome! 7


  • KATE FAGAN, I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool, 1980, Disturbing Records, Oh Kate, just by saying it, you are trying.. it’s Cool. 7


  • PROFIL, So Kuhl, 1981, Welt Rekord: EMI Electrola, German band trying so hard to be cool, This song is great, I could do with a bit less on the brass at the end.  7


  • TIPICAL ME, Claustrophobian, 1985, Colour Record, In my opinion, a perfect song. This band released 1 single and it’s a cold synth dream, both tracks are amazing and then nothing from the band or its members. 7


  • SILENT TYPES, Upset, 1980, Doube Dose Records, Another kick ass Belgian minimal track/ band. Proving if you want great sad cold synth, stick yourself between the UK, Germany, and France during the height of industrial growth. 7


  • OMD, Joan of Ark, 1981, Dindisc, I love this song, so sad and lovely and sweet and dark, hits all those places inside and sounds so cold. 7


  • TEARS FOR FEARS, Pale shelter, 1982, Mercury, The Hurting is one of the greatest new wave synth-pop albums ever and this track is so amazing. 7


  • DIGITAL GAME, Please Don’t Go, 1985, Many Records, Alessandro Novaga calls himself the godfather of Italo, and with this song, I only doubt that statements validity by 85% maybe more. Nonetheless, it’s a classic. 7


  • CETU JAVU, A Donde, 1990, Basic Mix, This German Band is singing in Spanish. WTF.. fun Italo pop dance track, 7


  • SSQ, Big Electronic, 1983, Enigma Records, This is Stacey Q of 2 of hearts fame, she was amazing in this synth-pop band. 7


  • THE CARTOONS, Love is the Drug, 1983, Stiletto Records, I missed this one in the small pile of covers I played a couple of weeks ago. What a great version of the Roxy Music classic. 7


  • JAPAN, Life in Tokyo, 1979, Ariola Records, This song was written and produced by David Sylvian and Giorgio Moroder, Amazeballs! It’s a favorite of mine. 7


  • VARIETE, Souvenir, 1982, Kitchen Records, A rare Japanese synth track, with a phenomenal cover. This is an unusual 8-inch record. 8