The Glass Bead Program – Episode 1

Glass Bead Program

Episode 1 – April 1, 2017


Paul McCartney -Be What You See
Beck Pinefresh
Steven Halpern -Keynote F
The Residents -The Festival of Death (Excerpt)
Constant Smiles -Staring Into Night (Excerpt)
Alice Coltrane -Er Ra
Seastones -V B
Woo – Purple Pussy
Wally Dubango – Manbo
Mariah -Hana Gai Saitara
Devo -Jerkin Back and Forth
Sly and Robbie -Super Cool
The Blackbyrds -Reggins
Missing Brazilians -Ace of Wands
Andras Fox – Ankle Snapper
Cluster and Eno – Schöne Hände
Blancmange -Disco-A-Bom-Bom
Rogers Sisters -Zero Point
David Bowie -Good Morning Girl
T. Rex -I Love to Boogie
The Tornadoes -Red Roses and a Sky of Blue
LNS -Matakiri
Sun Ra -Seen III, Took 4
Lonnie Liston Smith -Prelude
Raum -In Stellar Orbit
Kinetic Electronics -Low Moves
Eric Copeland -Remix
Peech Boys -Life is Something Special
Grateful Dead -Space
Thomas Mapfumo -Emma
Bill Converse -Sea Bering
Dog Hream Blunt -Gentle Big Top Persuasion Remix
DJ Talk
Paul McCartney -Sweetest Little Show