Avre Maria, madre de dios; bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres, y bendito es el fruto de tu vientre… this mix runs the gamut from the holy mother moon to our sacred black sun and ends as we do… in ashes.


MIHARU KOSHI, Ave Maria, 1985, Pick Up Records, Schubert turns over, and we love it. 7


JOHN MAUSS & MOLLY NILSON, hey moon, 2018, HFN, skillfully blended by TRENTEMOLLER. John Maus flawlessly covered this iconic Molly Nilson track, and now we can enjoy them both together. Thank you, Anders! 12 LP


MOLLY NILSON, days of dust, 2018, Dark Skies Association, from 20/20 another ethereal record by MN to make us dance with our eyes closed, alone in the dark. 12 LP


PATIENCE, white of an eye, 2017, Night School, Roxanne is Patience, and she knows Wesley Jones and Pauley and many others in Manchester, so this means we are friends. 7


THE WAKE, Crush the Flowers, 1989, Sarah Records, this is Sarah 21, get them all. 7


AU REVOIR SIMONE, through the backyards, 2006, Moshi Moshi Records, this song is a dream, wrapped in memory and delivered in a wish. 7 inch.


SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE CANADIAN, feeling sheepish, 1980, Bugle Records, only track by this unique group. 7


PLAY, chasing the sun, 1982, Survival Records, I prefer the B side dub version of “this little girl” 12 EP


LAND OF GIANTS, cannibal dolls, 1982, AV Records, creepy lyrics, great song. 12


MASCULINO, disco sicko, DATE UNKNOWN, Masculino Records, only release by this obscure band. 7


HELEN REDDY, imagination, 1983, MCA Records, synthy, dancy, funsky by Australian Helen Reddy. 7


BUZZ, sexe, 1988, Danceteria, This is a must-have, ebm, industrial, minimal, gem. 12


THE TIMELORDS (KLF), Doctorin the Tardis, 1988, KLF Communications, Yes, this record is shaped like a police car. LTD 7


TECHNOQUAKE, you say, I said 1989, Electronic Beat Association, Swedish EBM. 7


BAZZ, the drop deal, 1988, Tom Tom Club, New Beat! This track is hot. The label has no relation to TTC in the US. 7


VELODROME, at velodrome 141,1988, Animalized, this may or may not have been recorded in Russia. 12


LB, ashes to ashes, 2000, Output, WOW, a glitch Bowie cover and it’s great! 7