Toward allegiant rays yonder
Memories-antiphon rue
And freed initiate screen prevails
And freed initiate screen prevails

– OM,

10 trax on 10 inch vinyl


  • SCHEDELVRETER, Sounding Heaven, US, 2012, Minimal Wave, TAT, from a 1986 cassette this obscure experimental band was revived by Minimal Wave Records. The beats are primitive wrappings with a very cool build up. 10 EP


  • OM, Rays of the Sun to the Shrinebuilder, US, 2006, Neurot Recordings, OM is Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius formally of the Stoner Doom band SLEEP, the B side of this 10-inch single is CURRENT 93. This song is mesmerizing to me. It has everything I love in Black Sabbath mixed with dark gothic tones.  10


  • THIS MORTAL COIL, Come here my love, UK, 1986, 4AD, I have played TMC on the show several times, it is important to know this super group is really just an homage to the songs IVO loved, this is a haunting cover of a lovely Van Morrison song. 10 EP


  • S CAREY, I Won’t Let you Fall, US, 2016, Sub Pop, teaming up with soft core legends LOW, This track proves powerful, sad and yet again haunting and real. 10


  • RINGO DEATHSTARR, Shadow, US, 2011, Club AC30, Sonyc Union, A great shoe gaze band from Texas with maybe the best band name in years. 10


  • TROY TATE, Lifeline (hold on to that), UK, 1982, Why Fi, Troy Tate was in The tear drop explodes & Fashion yet not for long, he did his solo thing as well and this fun track is a result of that adventure. 10


  • THE REPORTERS, Your love, Greece, 1983, Creep Records, Even I sleep on these guys. This incredible 10, 2 record LP is fuckin amazing. Pick these guys up!!! 10 double LP


  • DOPPLEREFFEKT, Scientist (album version), Germany, 2001, Gigolo Records, This obscure duo from Detroit gave us some of the greatest pulsing rhythms and sci fi futuristic haunting lyrics all wrapped in a menacing socialist minimal goth wrapper. Thank you Dopplereffekt! You came at the right time. 10


  • DOLLKRAUT, Lezdom, 2018, Netherands, Charlois, Holy shit! I just played the A side of this single on my show SYN 24 and thought twice about adding this song fearing it might be too soon. Thank God I thought a third time. This song soared up to the top 3 on this playlist. Fuck this band is good. 10


  • DIE DOMINAS, I bin a domina, Germany, 1981, Fabrikneu 666, Truth be told, I really wanted to play the nearly 17-minute A side of this classic record. It is now in the great aether of life, where you and everyone else can be captivated by the rhythmic sexualized nightmarish soundscape that is Die Dominas. 10