Taking The RV Out for a Spin

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

Episode 120 of the show. Phones that show video, headphones in space, RVs on the moon, Robert Anton Wilson talking about whatever the hell was in his head, lots of tunes. Fun, fun, fun!


Thermoplastic Riot Shield – Matmos
Who By Fire – Suns Of Arqa, Angel-Eye, Muslim Gauze
Trash Drum Biscuit Cred – Negativland
Four Note Bass – 23 Skidoo
Algol – Thrones
Manches Courtes – Ô Paon
Backwards Through The Greedo Compressor – Old
Calvi. The Pope And The Brotherhood – Robert Anton Wilson
Hip Priest – Peel Session 31/3/81 – The Fall
AAMC – Alessandro Cortini, Merzbow