16 remarkable bands that issued “only 1” official single, while active.

Disclaimer: Some may have recorded other tracks, yet not released, some may have changed their name or they were a side project. Most are completely unknown. Also, there are 17 tracks… 1 was mistakenly added.


  • HYESTERICA PASSIO, Grey over life, 1982, US, Fire in heart music, Other than Engineer, Dan Dryden who worked with Philip Glass and other projects, there is absolutely nothing on this band and its members. 12 single


  • AK PROCESS, Electronic Music, 1979, UK, Output Records, Simon Leonard of Mute records band, I Start Counting, is AK PROCESS, this is their only record. I think it’s brilliant and Simon was probably in his teens.  7


  • TIPICAL ME, Pope no hope, 1985, Belgium, Colour Records, One of my favorite records, and sadly the only release by Lieven Nicasy’s, Tipical Me. This is an outright gem and if you find a copy under 50 bucks, buy it and run away with it. 7


  • THE MICROBES, Computer, 1980, UK, DJ Records, Nothing on this band on DISCOGS, but I do like a track that romanticizes the age of The Computer “if they only knew”. 7


  • ALAN BURNHAM, Music to save the world by, 1981, UK, Cherry Red, A single release on the storied Cherry Red label, Alan Burnham has only a handful of credits as an engineer on Jazz Fusion records after this amazing track.  7


  • THOSE ATTRACTIVE MAGNETS, Nightlife, 1983, UK, Tavern A-d, This is a minimal synth classic and though the only official release at the time, they did record other tracks now compiled by the Bay Area label Dark Entries. 7


  • BISS, 1234 for who?, 1982, Belgium, Auvtrad Records, What a fun, catchy track. Not too much on this actual band anywhere.  7


  • II Y A VOLKSWAGENS, Kill Myself, 1981, UK, Mechanical Reproductions, This songs bleak message couldn’t be more fun! this is a punky new wavy jam. 7


  • SCREAMING RACHAEL & REMOTE, Insult to Injury, 1980, US, Remote Records, S. Rachael has several releases but this great New Wave Pop track is the only one with this group including Remote. 7


  • LANCE ROMANCE, California Summertime, 1974, US, Now Records, This glam ripper is actually Kim Fowley having some fun channeling beach psych gold. 7


  • THE CHERRY SMASH, Nowhere Generation, c 1995, US, Candy Floss, This is perfect indie shoegaze, so far as I am concerned, I would have been a fan of this group if I even knew they existed. 7


  • BODY & SOUL, The Graylands, 1983, US, Parbar Music, I hesitated to add this record as it is so slow, now it’s my favorite track on this whole mix. It is honestly so simple and sweet. Rob Watson, who are you? 7


  • SOCIETY of CHILDREN, 15 Arabian Horses, 1987, US, JAB Records, I love this song! It is just dark enough to not be pop with such great production and guitar work. Also, the cover to this little unknown inside classic is a favorite of mine. 7


  • INCANDESCENT LUMINAIRE, Famous Names, 1982, UK, Clock House Records, One release and its synth-pop gold. 7


  • 1000 OHM, The Station Hall, 1983, Belgium, Antler Records, This mix is called, “the only one” and this is my “only” mistake, these guys actually issued several singles.  They accidentally landed in this stack. Sorry! A great band all the same! 7 


  • SPELLBOUND, ABCDEFGHIJKILOVEYOUBABY, 1983, Germany,  Blow up, Oh Italo, where would we be without your nonsense.  You can pair this with 1234 for who? By BLISS and raise your kids on it.  7


  • IDOL DEATH, New Lesson, 1980, UK, Dispy records, I really like this odd experimental track. It has the harsh guitar and noise I like but catchy sing-song playfulness that makes it less serious.  7