Episode 8 – Summer Waters

Metahound Waves

The heatwaves have arrived again! The Metahound Waves submarine is following the weather sailing into Jorge Ben Jor, Artificial Intelligence music, and 70’s Bob Dylan. The refreshing bubbles of Ciarra Fragale also fill the sonic airways.

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Featured Artist from : Ciarra Fragale


Fio Maravilha by Jorge Ben Jor

Yahia Mu by K. Frimpong
Placebo Syndrome by Parlament
Off da Zoinkys by J.I.D.
One More Cup of Coffee (Live at Boston Music Hall, 1975) by Bob Dylan
Too Good (For You Baby) by Ciarra Fragale

La Sedia Di Lillà by Alberto Fortis
Rascal by RMR
Mr Shadow by SONY CSL Research Laboratory
xDream by Dasychira

O Ruthless Great Divine Director by Lingua Ignota
Absolute Control by Nails
Nothing At All by Acetone
Nothing Came Out by The Moldy Peaches
Selfless by The Strokes
Pollo Asado by Ween

Utirumavunga by Sikumiut