A cheerless day may bring us
Little dreams
That seem to miss their mark
But oh my darling
Wait until dark



THE BEAT, Hands off …she’s mine, 1980, Arista, My copy is from the Netherlands 7 inch, great cover. RIP Ranking Roger!  (the effects sounded better on headphones.. sorry!


SCOTT WALKER, Wait until Dark, 1968, Phillips, The B side to Jackie. 7 inch.


TRISOMIE 21, La Féte Triste, 1986, Play it again Sam, recently watched Herve & Philippe perform this song live and I couldn’t get it out of my head. 12 EP


MICHAEL GARRISON, Departure, 1983, Ariola, The Oregonian Synthesist, I like the SCI-FI scapes he constructs. 7


THIS MORTAL COIL, Sixteen Days, 1983, 4AD, The B side of Song to the Siren, WOW, I had to admit recently I didn’t recall what was even on the flip side of the iconic single. What a treat! 7


LORI & THE CHAMELEONS, Touch, 1979, Zoo Records, L&TC made only two singles, and I have now played them both on SYN, this is a great track. 7


GENEVIEVE PASQUIER, Pulse, 2004, Disorder Records, I’m not ashamed to admit I only recently discovered GP.   7


AMI MARIE, Spiel Mit Mir, 1982, Ariola, A synth-pop classic and must have. 7


NINE CIRCLES, Number not available, 2014, EE Tapes, this 7 inch was limited to 250 copies. It’s worth hunting one down.


YAZOO, Only you, 1982, MUTE, The first single for Vince Clark and Alison Moyet. I only yesterday realized AM autographed my 7 inch!


GIORGIO MORODER & PHIL OKEY, Together in Electric dreams, 1984, Virgin, I desperately wanted to cut this off before the guitar solo. It’s a bit much. 7


POEME ELECTRONIQUE, VOICE, 2007, Anna Logue Records, A remix of the 1982 original. 7


BEOGRAD, T.V. 1981, Jugoton, Yugoslavian synth pop at its best! 7


MIRO MIROE, Nights of Arabia, 1982, CBS, Fun track, pop, new wave, euro disco, electro, all in one! 7


SPELLBOUND, ABCDEFGHIJKL.O.V.E., I LOVE YOU, BABY, 1983, BLOW UP, German Italo track that features “Speak and Spell” Sounds, what else do you want. 7


TOTAL CONTROL, Pyre Island, 2011, Hustle Muscle, if you don’t know TC, get to know them. They are different on every record and track and may very well be my favorite group from Australia, after Nick Cave & ACDC. 7


GARY NUMAN, I die you die, 1980, Beggars Banquet, this last track was for Ranking Rogers and Scott Walker, not synth acts but great performers. 7