Special Guest Jacqueline Castel

Bad Conditions

Brett returns home one day, and is furious when he finds out that his beloved “Home Sweet Home” pillow is ruined. He quickly accuses of Jacqueline, but she denies it. Soon, everyone has a different account of what happened. Evidence of the truth begins to emerge. Special guest Jacqueline Castel.

Featured Artist from : Sacred Bones


Gene & Eunice – Strange World
Devo – The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise
Gary War – Highspeed Drift
Blank Dogs – Set Fire to Your House
Throbbing Gristle – United
Belaboris – Odotus (demo)
B52s – Moon
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Day Tripper
Madonna – Like a Prayer (Mike Simonetti Remix)
The Zombies – In The Land Of The Zombi
Tonetta – Hot Little Fuck
Jeff and Jane Hudson – Los Alamos
Beck – Pressure Zone
Devo – Gut Feeling