Space Truckin — Episode 102

The Enforced Reincarnation Hour

New year, old show, new studio, old DJ, new taxidermy!

As the prophecy foretold, from the frozen depths of Brooklyn’s winter, amid the shag carpet and wood paneling of a vintage Recreational Vehicle turned Internet Radio Studio, sprung forth a new era of Enforced Reincarnation. The 102nd episode of the show, broadcast and recorded live on Thursday, 10 January 2019.




Chris Watson — Veracruz (excerpt)

M83 — America

Lucky Dragon — Cherchez le Dragon

Alec Livaditos — Clear and Cloud (excerpt)

Schammpeitziger — Für Astrid

Unicorn Hardon — Echo Palm

Joe Cocherell & Montauk — Paper Dollhouse, Space III

Hatsunekaidan — Electro World

Matmos — Reconstruction

Jacob Druckman — Valentine (excerpt)