I want to believe a 14-year-old Kate Bush would dance to some of these songs in her room, alone and in the dark.


  1. JOHN CAGE, first construction (in metal), 1995 (from 1973 live recording), Dolor Del Estamago, I have a fascination with John Cage.I played the 7 inch.


  1. THE DURUTTI COLUMN, tomorrow, 1986, Factory Benelux, I played the 7inch of this great track, started it at the wrong speed! Sorry! Vini Riley who essentially is the Durutti Column is a genius. I played the original 7 inch.


  1. THE GOLDEN DAWN, George Hamilton’s Dead, 1989, Sarah, This is Sarah 17, GET THEM ALL. (7 inch played


  1. THE WAKE, Talk about the past, 1984, Factory Records, The wake have 8 singles and all are quite good. (7 inch played


  1. THE DROWNING CRAZE, Trance, 1981, Situation Two, 3 singles by the Drowning Craze. I played Storage case on my first show. (7 inch played)


  1. NEW ORDER, Turn the heater on, 1981, Strange Fruit Recordings, from 1 of 2 New Order Peel Sessions. This is a cover of a great track by Keith Hudson.


  1. CHAPTER 13, Crisco Disco, 2000, Drive In Records, a nice synth dance track. (7 inch played)


  1. KARMAN, Poker, 1982, Genetic Music, on Reminiscent Comp released 2004, A fun track from a great multi record box set.


  1. LOGIC SYSTEM, Unit, 1981, EMI, I played original 7 inch, this is a fun minimal synth record.


  1. ANNE CLARK, Our Darkness, 1984, 10 Records, Another classic cold wave masterpiece by the queen of spoken word synth. I played 7 inch


  1. MAX HIM, No Escape, 1984, Crusin Records, A fun dance track that hits all cheesy parts of any good Italo track. 12 single


  1. MEDIO MUTANTE, Inestable, 2008, Cititrax, A gem in contemporary Spanish Cold wave. 12 inch EP


  1. AVIADOR DRO, La Vision, 1981, Movie Play, This is like the Spanish synth/ punk DEVO. 7 inch played


  1. LED ER EST, Fingers curling up, 2008, Avant God, Fun first release by this NY darkwave band. 7 inch played


  1. NIGHTMARES IN WAX, Black Leather, 1980, Inevitable, Fun track by the band fronted by Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns. 7 inch played, I did not dance to this song when I was young, I misspoke.


  1. JOY DIVISION, Transmission, 1979, Factory Records, I often danced to this song in my room alone in the dark when I was about 14 years old.  7 inch played